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Support Public Safety 

Nick Haney will fight to ensure that our first responders are adequately funded and have the tools and resources needed to keep you and your family safe.  As a firefighter paramedic, he knows firsthand how critical it is to have a leader who is proactive and responsive to the community’s public safety needs. He understands the importance of making public safety a priority and will use his experience to ensure that Surprise remains safe and family-friendly so that our first responders will be there when you need them most.

Keeping up with Growth 

Surprise is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.  The population of the city has more than quadrupled in the past twenty years and the city has sometimes struggled to keep up with this rapid growth.  Nick Haney is focused on enacting smart policies that will help Surprise keep up with growth and ensure that the city continues to invest in public safety, streets, and other critical needs to protect our quality of life.

Investing in Quality Transportation 

Adequate transportation is essential to moving people, goods, and services throughout Surprise.  It is also critical to reducing congestion and keeping public safety response times low.  Nick Haney understands the need for investment in our transportation and traffic systems – particularly in the rapidly growing parts of District 1.  He will work with state and city officials to ensure that our community gets the needed investment in transportation and streets to keep up with the rapid growth.  He will also make addressing the increasing traffic and safety problems on Grand Avenue one of his top priorities. 

Championing Economic Development

District 1 is exploding with residential growth, but it needs to catch up with its economic growth. Nick Haney will ensure that Surprise is a place where small businesses can thrive and high wage companies want to locate.  He will work to ensure all businesses have the support system needed to succeed and reduce red tape and regulations that stand in the way of doing business. He will actively work with regional and local business owners and economic development organizations to prioritize adding good jobs that boost our local economy.  He will work to reduce the number of people who have to commute out of the city to go to their job.

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