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Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

“As a Firefighter Paramedic, Nick Haney is no stranger to working with a diverse group of individuals to solve complex problems. He will bring that same problem-solving ability to city hall.   We can count on Haney to support public safety and ensure that our fire department has the personnel, facilities, and equipment necessary to keep response times low and keep our community safe.”


Arlene Chin

Tempe City Council

"I was honored to mentor Nick Haney when he was the Associated Students of ASU Senate President at Arizona State University.  He was an inspired leader, quick learner, and always had a strong desire to make things better for those around him.  He has what it takes to be an excellent councilmember and I look forward to collaborating with him on important regional issues that impact all of us."


Joel Navarro

Tempe City Council

"Nick Haney has my full support.  He will be a powerful voice to regional cooperation and will work diligently on important issues including public safety, transportation, and economic development.  No city is an island – we all need to work together to ensure that the entire valley succeeds.  Nick understands this and will be a powerful voice for the people of Surprise."


Nancy Hayden

Former Surprise City Council

“It was an honor to serve on the Surprise City Council and fulfill the term of my late husband, Jim Hayden. Before he passed away, Jim asked me to run for his seat and finish the important work he started. Fighting opioid abuse, promoting literacy, and supporting quality public safety. It was my honor to continue his legacy of service.  I see that same commitment to duty and service in Nick Haney.  Like Jim, Nick is a firefighter and knows firsthand what it takes to keep our community safe.  Serving on the Surprise City Council is hard work, but I know Nick Haney is up to the task.” 

Nancy Hayden.jpg

Phoenix Law Enforcement Association

“As a first responder himself, Nick Haney knows firsthand what it takes to keep a community safe.  He understands the importance of adequate police and fire staffing, support, and equipment to protect our community’s quality of life.  We can count on him to be a strong voice for public safety to ensure that our professionals will be there when the people of Surprise need them most.”


Bill Pupo

Former Surprise City Manager

“Surprise is a city for all ages – young families to retirees alike.  We need a city council that reflects these unique perspectives and are committed to serving the entire community and its interests.  Nick Haney is a leader with energy and a vision who brings a new perspective to the Surprise City Council.  He understands that investing in our quality of life is essential for our continued success and long-term economic growth.  I am happy to give my support.”


Mike Planeta 

Citizens for a Better Surprise

“It was my honor to chair the bond committee that helped build a safer surprise by investing in public safety, reducing congestion, and building safer streets.  We are seeing the benefits of these investments, but our city has continued to rapidly grow over the past five years.  We need leaders who understand this and will help our city keep up with growth.  Nick Haney understands the need for continued investment and will fight hard to ensure that our infrastructure is able to keep up with the growing demand.”

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